Fingerprinting Services

The Colorado Fingerprinting CBI process is simple and straightforward with just five basic steps to complete. The process should take less than 5 minutes.

<strong>1. </strong><b>Account</b>

1. Account

Create your account. Through your account you can change your appointment, view status of your fingerprinting, obtain copies of receipts and other information.

<strong>2. </strong><b>Location</b>

2. Location

You will find and select a convenient location to your home or work address.

<strong>3. </strong><b>Appointment</b>

3. Appointment

Choose the convenient day and time for your appointment.

<strong>4. </strong><b>Fingerprinting Details</b>

4. Fingerprinting Details

Provide the required details for fingerprinting, if this is for licensure or employment please make sure you check with the employer for their specific code.

<strong>5. </strong><b>Payment</b>

5. Payment

Pay for your fingerprinting by credit card or payment code if provided by your institution.