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Colorado Applicant Background Services

When does the new CABS program go into effect?

We are working with CBI on the final testing of our solution for the CABS program. We expect CABS to be available through Colorado Fingerprinting very soon, but we do not have an ETA at this time. 

How do I process my employees up until the CABS program launches?
Up until the CABS program launches, the employee processing will remain the same.
How do I set up a account to be a client with Colorado Fingerprinting?
You will need to fill out the billing form that we have sent you and email it back to us ASAP. The sooner we receive the form, the smoother the transition will be for everyone.
How much will it cost to have employees processed with CABS?
The total fee is the CBI fee plus the $10 rolling fee. The range of fees is from $26.50 – $49.50 depending on your fingerprinting purpose with CBI
Where can I send employees in to be fingerprinted once the CABS program is live?
We will have over 30 locations throughout the state of Colorado. No one will have to drive more than 40 miles one way. This is not including various locations across the Denver Metro area. Upon registration, clients will see a list of locations and will be able to pick the location and time they want to be fingerprinted.
Will an appointment be necessary or will you accept walk-ins?
Appointments are required. Applicants need to register for their fingerprinting location and appointment at
How do my applicants enroll for fingerprinting if they do not have a computer and/or internet access?
Your applicants can call in to our call center and we will assist them with enrolling for fingerprinting.
What kind of documentation will I need to bring with me to the fingerprint location?
You will need to bring in your CBI unique ID # if you’re being fingerprinted for a company. If you are being fingerprinted for personal reasons, you will need to bring in your registration number. Everyone will need to bring in a government-issued identification card. Examples include: Driver’s License, Passport, Military ID.
If we are a client of Colorado Fingerprinting, how do our applicants pay?
Applicants will need to have their company account #. If they will be paying themselves, they will need to pay during registration with a debit/credit card. If your applicants are out-of-state, they will need to send in their fingerprint card(s) with a money order to 110 16th Street, 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80202.
As a client, how long do we have to pay you for processing our applicants?
Once a month.
How are results received?
CBI will send the applicant their results within 24-72 hours. Keep in mind that this is business days.
How do out-of-state applicants pay?
The applicant will select credit card or money order for payment. If the applicant selects credit card, there receipt they receive will prompt them to send in their fingerprint card(s) to 110 16th Street, 8th Floor, Denver, CO 80202.

If the applicant selects money order, they will be prompted to send in fingerprint cards along with the money order to be processed. The address is the same as listed above.

How will you process OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS?
Applicants will register online, select “out-of-state applicant” and pay for their order online. The applicant will then need to have their fingerprints taken on cards and mail them along with their order receipt to Colorado Fingerprinting for processing.
Is there a way that an employee can pay for the fingerprints and the client (employer) pays for the background check? "Split Payment"
Not at this time, but we are working on an enhancement to accommodate split payments in the future. As of now, either the employer or employee has to pay the full amount for service(s) provided.
Will Colorado Fingerprinting have access to my FBI background check?
The CABS Program will not affect the way results are being administered. All background check results will continue to be provided to the respective agency via CBI Secure document delivery system.
If a client's fingerprints are rejected, will they be able to go to any of our locations to be fingerprinted again?
Yes, you will be able to go to any Colorado Fingerprinting locations to be fingerprinted at no charge. If a client’s fingerprints are rejected for a second time, CBI will do a background check by name or other identifying factors.
Will Colorado Fingerprinting be able to check the status of a client's background check results?
Yes, we will be able to tell a client that their results are in process or complete. If they need more information than that, they will need to contact CBI directly.
If an employer sends in volunteers/staff/coaches or anyone else in to be fingerprinted for a background check, how does the employer receive FBI background check results?
If the company is already signed up with CBI, they will continue to receive their results the same way as they have been receiving them.
If I am a new employer and am using the CABS program for the first time, how will I receive my employees' background check results?
You will need to contact CBI and set up an account with them to arrange how you would like them to report your employees’ results with you.
If a client already has a CONCJ #, will it be the same?
No – we will send a CBI Unique # to be used.
How will an applicant know their employer's Unique ID # when registering?
Applicants will have to call their employer to get the Unique ID # that was assigned to their company from their employer prior to registering.
What website will my employees go to in order to register for their fingerprints and background checks?
Once you send us your CABS Client Billing Form, we will provide you with further information on how your employees can register with Colorado Fingerprinting to get their fingerprints and background check done.
What is the last day that CBI will be accepting Fingerprint Cards?
They are giving a 30 day grace period from the 24th of September 2018.
If a new client does not have an account set up with CBI and they have no unique identifier #, can we still send them our billing without the identifier number?
They will need to call and set up a account with CBI FIRST. After they
receive their unique Identifier number they can call us back and we can
send them Applicant Instructions and billing form.
Can a client set up a billing account with a credit card but be billed out on a monthly basis instead of charging the card?
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Does a government agency have to keep a credit card on file?
A government agency does not have to keep a credit on file, this requirement will be waived.
How will we handle registrations for the blind or hearing-impaired?
If someone calls and states that they are visually impaired or hearing impaired we will need to assist them with their registration whether it be over the phone or in person.
If a client calls in and wants an explanation for their "reason to be fingerprinted" what needs to be done?
Contact CBI for the explanation.
As an applicant, can Colorado Fingerprinting give me my unique ID # that is associated with my employer?
No. You must contact your employer to get that number, because some employers have more than one unique ID number, and you need to know what category you will need to register.
Can my fingerprints be archived?
We can no longer archive fingerprints.
By doing fingerprints electronically, will this speed up the processing time of my results.
Yes. On average, you should receive your results within 24 to 72 business hours.
What if I don't have a credit card? Are there other forms of payment that will be accepted?
It depends on the location. A very limited amount of locations will accept cash, but for the most part, you will need a credit/debit card or money order.
Are walk-ins available?
Generally, no. Everyone will, however, have to pre-register before they can be fingerprinted.
Who will receive my completed background check results?
Your employer or agency requesting the background check or yourself if you are doing it for self-review.
Are refunds available?
Yes, if you cancel or reschedule your appointment within 30 days of registering. If you do not cancel or reschedule after 30 days, you will not be entitled to a refund.
Is there a charge for a no-show?
There will be no fee for not showing up to your appointment.
What happens if my fingerprints are rejected?
You can bring in your rejection letter or email and we will fingerprint you again at no charge.
What if I ordered the wrong package? Can I ask for a different package when I arrive at the fingerprinting location?
No. You will have to cancel and reorder the correct package.
What if I am late for my appointment? Do I have to reschedule?
No. You can wait and we will be with you as soon as possible.
Will closures be available on the websites?
Each location has different schedules, so you will need to check on the portal and see your site’s location times and hours.
Do you reimburse for parking?
No. We do not, but most locations have free parking.
How do I dispute my background check?
You will need to contact CBI.
Can I go to CBI to be fingerprinted?
No. You will need to register and find a location near you.
Do I have to set up an account with CBI to get results for my applicants?
Yes, you will need to have an account with CBI.

General Questions

Do I have to have an appointment?
No. Appointments are not required but are recommended for Saturdays, which is a popular day. You can walk in anytime during our business hours, but appointments are processed before walk-ins.
How long does it take for fingerprinting?
Fingerprinting takes 5-10 minutes on average.
What should I bring for identification?
Please bring a government-issued photo ID such as a Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card or other government issued ID with a photo. The acceptable government issued ID can be from any state or country. Certain services require your SSN, you do not have to present your SSN card but you must be able to provide your SSN.
Do I have to bring my own fingerprint cards?
No. We include the FD-258 fingerprint cards with our service. If you have or were provided fingerprint cards, we can print on those cards. Just bring them in with you.
Why do I have to get fingerprinted?
Background checks conducted with fingerprints offer a higher degree of accuracy compared to name-based criminal history searches. Names, DOBs and other identification information can be faked, transposed, misspelled, etc. However, fingerprints are extremely difficult to fake or counterfeit. Additionally, common names, alias names, or maiden names can result in multiple responses, false responses, or no response at all.
What is "Live Scan" and is it acceptable instead of traditional ink?
Live Scan is an ink-less electronic means to capture fingerprints. All state and federal agencies accept and prefer live scan capture and print on fingerprint cards. With live scan, there is no smudging or smearing. The software helps determine a good fingerprint, and our highly trained fingerprint technicians can see the fingerprints in detail to help get the best possible fingerprints.
What is required for 24-48 hour FBI background check processing?
In addition to your government issued ID (Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card, Other Government Issued ID with a photo), you must be able to provide your U.S. Social Security Number. Please note, we can only submit fingerprints to the FBI for expedited processing if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. We can still process the FBI background checks for everyone else with results returned within 2-4 weeks.
Can I challenge my FBI record?
Yes, you can challenge/correct information that is returned on your FBI record. The FBI CJIS Division is not the source of the data appearing on identification records. All data is obtained from fingerprint submissions or related identification forms submitted to the FBI by local, state and federal agencies. As a result, the responsibility for authentication and correction of such data rests upon the contributing agency (state/county police department, county court, state bureau of identification, etc.). Once you have reviewed the results of your fingerprint-based background check and you believe it contains inaccurate or incomplete information, you may request a correction by contacting the agency or agencies that submitted the information to the FBI. For additional information on challenging your identity history please visit
Can my FBI results be sent to another individual or an address outside of the United States?
Expedited FBI results can only be sent to you or to a designated attorney. If you have a designated attorney, you must provide a written request on the attorney’s letterhead that includes both your signature and your attorney’s signature. The results from non-expedited FBI background checks can be sent to any address worldwide and the turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.
What happens if my fingerprints are rejected?
The agency processing fingerprints (FBI, CBI, State Police, etc.) have sole discretion on the acceptance and rejections of fingerprints. Less than 1% of our fingerprints are rejected. In the rare event your fingerprints are rejected due to quality, we will re-roll your fingerprints for free! Just come back to our office during our business hours.
I have been fingerprinted previously; why do I have to get fingerprinted again?
Fingerprints previously submitted to agencies for processing are not retrievable. When a new check is needed, they require another set of fingerprints.
Do you process fingerprints for HAZMAT?
Unfortunately, we are not able to process fingerprints for HAZMAT at this time. We recommend contacting TSA for locations and assistance with HAZMAT.
What days are you closed?


For 2017 we are closed on Thursday November 23rd, Friday November 24th, Saturday November 25th and Monday December 25th. For 2018 we are closed on Monday January 1st, Monday May 28th, Wednesday July 4th, Monday September 3rd, Thursday November 22nd, Friday November 23rd, Saturday November 24th and Tuesday December 25th. We are open all other days during our normal business hours.


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