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Do I have to have an appointment?

No. Appointments are not required but are recommended for Saturdays, which is a popular day. You can walk in anytime during our business hours, but appointments are processed before walk-ins.

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How long does it take for fingerprinting?

Fingerprinting takes 5-10 minutes on average.

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What should I bring for identification?

Please bring a government-issued photo ID such as a Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card or other government issued ID with a photo. The acceptable government issued ID can be from any state or country. Certain services require your SSN, you do not have to present your SSN card but you must be able to provide your SSN.

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Do I have to bring my own fingerprint cards?

No. We include the FD-258 fingerprint cards with our service. If you have or were provided fingerprint cards, we can print on those cards. Just bring them in with you.

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Why do I have to get fingerprinted?

Background checks conducted with fingerprints offer a higher degree of accuracy compared to name-based criminal history searches. Names, DOBs and other identification information can be faked, transposed, misspelled, etc. However, fingerprints are extremely difficult to fake or counterfeit. Additionally, common names, alias names, or maiden names can result in multiple responses, false responses, or no response at all.

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What is “Live Scan” and is it acceptable instead of traditional ink?

Live Scan is an ink-less electronic means to capture fingerprints. All state and federal agencies accept and prefer live scan capture and print on fingerprint cards. With live scan, there is no smudging or smearing. The software helps determine a good fingerprint, and our highly trained fingerprint technicians can see the fingerprints in detail to help get the best possible fingerprints.

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What is required for 24-48 hour FBI background check processing?

In addition to your government issued ID (Driver’s License, State ID Card, Passport, Military ID Card, Other Government Issued ID with a photo), you must be able to provide your U.S. Social Security Number. Please note, we can only submit fingerprints to the FBI for expedited processing if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. We can still process the FBI background checks for everyone else with results returned within 2-4 weeks.

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Can I challenge my FBI record?

Yes, you can challenge/correct information that is returned on your FBI record. The FBI CJIS Division is not the source of the data appearing on identification records. All data is obtained from fingerprint submissions or related identification forms submitted to the FBI by local, state and federal agencies. As a result, the responsibility for authentication and correction of such data rests upon the contributing agency (state/county police department, county court, state bureau of identification, etc.). Once you have reviewed the results of your fingerprint-based background check and you believe it contains inaccurate or incomplete information, you may request a correction by contacting the agency or agencies that submitted the information to the FBI. For additional information on challenging your identity history please visit

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Can my FBI results be sent to another individual or an address outside of the United States?

Expedited FBI results can only be sent to you or to a designated attorney. If you have a designated attorney, you must provide a written request on the attorney’s letterhead that includes both your signature and your attorney’s signature. The results from non-expedited FBI background checks can be sent to any address worldwide and the turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

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What happens if my fingerprints are rejected?

The agency processing fingerprints (FBI, CBI, State Police, etc.) have sole discretion on the acceptance and rejections of fingerprints. Less than 1% of our fingerprints are rejected. In the rare event your fingerprints are rejected due to quality, we will re-roll your fingerprints for free! Just come back to our office during our business hours.

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I have been fingerprinted previously, why do I have to get fingerprinted again?

Fingerprints previously submitted to agencies for processing are not retrievable. When a new check is needed, they require another set of fingerprints.

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Do you process fingerprints for HAZMAT?

Unfortunately, we are not able to process fingerprints for HAZMAT at this time. We recommend contacting TSA for locations and assistance with HAZMAT.

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What days are you closed?

For 2017 we are closed on Thursday November 23rd, Friday November 24th, Saturday November 25th and Monday December 25th. For 2018 we are closed on Monday January 1st, Monday May 28th, Wednesday July 4th, Monday September 3rd, Thursday November 22nd, Friday November 23rd, Saturday November 24th and Tuesday December 25th. We are open all other days during our normal business hours.