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Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS)

Colorado Fingerprinting is approved by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to electronically process fingerprints for employment and licensure throughout the State of Colorado. Proceed below to have your fingerprints processed with CBI for licensure (Education, Childcare, Real Estate, Department of Human Services (DHS), etc.) or as instructed by your employer or institution. 


If you need fingerprint cards for non-CBI purposes such as licensure or employment in other states, ATF, Federal purposes, other countries, etc; FBI background check for living or traveling to another country, personal review, adoption, legal name change, security guard or for other court related matters; Florida livescan or fingerprinting for other non-CBI purposes, please visit our Services Page.

CABS Process Overview:

The Colorado Fingerprinting CABS process is simple with just five basic steps. The registration process typically takes less than 5 minutes.


Step 1: Account Creation

Create your account. With your account, you can modify your appointment, view the status of your fingerprinting, and obtain copies of receipts and other information. Please note the applicant should be creating their fingerprint account, not the employer and/or licensing agency.

Step 2: Choose Location and Appointment Time

You can view our list of convenient locations during the ordering process. Each applicant chooses a location, date, and time that is convenient for their appointment. If you are an out of state applicant and will be mailing your fingerprint card for CABS choose “Out of State” for your fingerprint location.


Step 3: Fingerprinting Details

Provide the required details for fingerprinting. You need to provide the CBI unique ID.

See the list of CBI Codes however in many cases your agency/employer is responsible to provide you with your CBI unique ID. 

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Step 4: Payment or Billing Code

Select your method of payment or provide a billing code if your employer/agency has provided you with one. Please note if you select business check or money order for your payment you must mail your payment to our Downtown Denver office before your fingerprints can be processed.


Step 5: Fingerprint and Results

Arrive to your selected fingerprint location on your scheduled day and time to get fingerprinted. Once your fingerprints have been submitted the results are returned within 24-72 hours to the agency indicated by the CBI unique ID you provided during the enrollment process.

Identification (ID) Requirements: A valid Colorado driver’s license or valid identification card issued by the Colorado Department of Revenue (Note: documents issued to not lawfully present and temporarily lawfully present individuals under part 5 of Article 2 of Title 42, C.R.S. are not acceptable forms of identification.), a valid State ID Card (or outlying possession of the US with seal or logo from State Agency, Federal ID Card with seal or logo from Federal Agency, Commercial Driver’s license permit issued by State or outlying possession of the U.S., Commercial Driver’s license issued by a State or outlying possession of the U.S., paper/temporary Driver’s License issued by State or outlying possession of the U.S., valid U.S. passport, foreign passport, passport book/card, valid U.S. military identification card, permanent resident card/green card (I-551), enhanced tribal card (ETC).

CBI Record Challenges – To challenge information on a Colorado based criminal history record you will need a physical fingerprint card to mail to CBI. ONLY order this service if you are challenging information reported on your criminal history record. This service is only available at our Union Lakewood, Downtown Denver and Kalamath Denver locations. CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment at one of these locations.

Additional Information for Employers and Licensing Agencies

As a local Colorado company we work closely with employers and licensing agencies to simplify and streamline your fingerprinting process. We offer convenient locations, simple billing, detailed easy to use applicant instructions, administrative portal for applicant tracking, onsite fingerprinting and more. Contact us for a consultation by phone or in person.